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At Trelleborg, our aim and driving force is to create value – for our customers and their businesses, for people and society. As a world-leading innovator in the art of sealing, damping and protecting, we use our polymer engineering expertise to secure critical applications everywhere, for the benefit of everybody.

Space Shuttle Heat Shield

After 254 days in space it was time for Curiosity to enter the Martian atmosphere. Thanks to Trelleborg Eccospheres it was well shielded and survived the extreme heat and friction generated in the descent.

Lightweight Thermal Insulation

Conquering new frontiers.

Vacuum and radiation. Intense cold and fierce heat. Space is an extremely unfriendly environment. Out here, there are no standard solutions to fall back on. In other words, it’s the perfect place to put our innovative thinking and polymer engineering skills to the test.

Rocket Fuel Tank Insulation

Extreme heat and liquid propellants. A potentially dangerous mixture. But when the Ariane 5 rocket accelerates into space, the fuel tank is protected with Trelleborg’s rigid thermoplastic insulation foam.

Thermoplastic Insulation Foam

Aircraft Precision Seals

Another touchdown. 202,000 kg on the landing gear. To guarantee a continuous and flawless operation, the aerospace industry relies on many of Trelleborg’s innovative solutions.

Landing Gear Seals

Flight Control System Seals

Engine Seals

Airframe Seals

At 37,000 feet, temperatures plunge to minus 30°C or less outside a plane’s windows. Up here, a leak in the pressurized cabin could spell disaster. Trelleborg seals help the plane remain airtight.

Airframe Seals

Aerospace Engineered Fabrics

Being able to evacuate a plane quickly can be a matter of life or death. When a plane crash landed on the Hudson River, it was evacuation slides made of our engineered fabric that allowed passengers to disembark safely.

Evacuation Slides

Keeping planes airborne.

Everything on a plane has to work without fail. You can’t just pull over and check the engine. As a trusted partner to the aerospace industry, innovative solutions from Trelleborg help ensure that countless critical applications are up to the task.

Exploring opportunities worldwide.

From stormy seas to still waters, Trelleborg comes to the rescue for projects in every possible environment. Combining the strength and capabilities of a global group with a genuine local presence, we deliver value for customers across nearly every industry.

Berthing, Docking & Mooring Systems

A minimum of space. A stiff breeze. And a ship the size of a skyscraper. Huge forces need to be monitored and controlled when docking vessels. Trelleborg is a leading provider of high-tech mooring systems.

Docking & Mooring

Marine Fenders

Oil & Gas Transfer & Vessel Technology

Offshore Oil & Gas – Topside

Out here, 1400°C jet fires and corrosion could be a deadly duo. That’s why oilrigs worldwide rely on our flexible and corrosion-free deluge and sprinkler systems with a 30-year minimum maintenance life. Explore more about our topside solutions:

Fire Protection Systems

Floating Oil & Marine Hoses

Floatover Mating Solutions

Wind Energy

It weighs 5,300 tons. It’s 165 meters tall. And it’s a float in the middle of the ocean. The Hywind wind turbine is the future of offshore power, supported by Trelleborg solutions.

Distributed Buoyancy Modules

Offshore Wind Grout Seals

Sealing Solutions for Wind Power

Infrastructure & Construction

By their very nature, infrastructure projects are complex undertakings. To help customers meet challenges they face, Trelleborg delivers sealing profiles, dredging hoses and bearings for seismic areas.

Sealing Profiles for Construction

Anti-vibration, seismic & acoustic bearings

Dredging Hoses

Construction Equipment

Six tons in the bucket. And eight more hours to go. It takes a lot to keep the complex hydraulics in motion in tough construction environments. Our seals keep lubricants in and dirt out of hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Seals

Industrial Antivibration Solutions

Moulded Components

Water & Sewage Systems

Repairing sewer pipes can be both costly and time consuming. Our innovative trenchless pipe repair system can stop leaks without digging. It’s a fast, easy way to save a lot of money.

Pipe Seals

Pipe Repair Systems

Cleaning Hoses for Drain & Sewage Systems

Always the right solution.

Need critical applications in extreme environments? At Trelleborg, we have the answers for our customers. Our leading-edge technology and in-depth understanding of their operating conditions helps them seal, damp and protect in practically any situation.

Helping businesses perform.

Superior sealing, damping and protecting. All three can enhance systems, improve functionality and raise profitability for Trelleborg customers. For critical applications, the superior performance we provide is invaluable.

Industrial Equipment

Finding ways to reach maximum output while reducing costs is vital for any business. Trelleborg’s solutions are used by industries throughout the world to help operations run smoothly and profitably.

Industrial Antivibration Solutions

Cable Entry & Telecom Solutions


Material Handling Vehicles

Almost everything produced and consumed spends part of its life on a forklift. In a global economy where goods are shipped to all four corners of the world, Trelleborg is at the heart of keeping the global supply chain moving.

Industrial Tires

Industrial Antivibration Solutions

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Patient’s safety. Operational success. Improved efficiency. Trelleborg’s innovative line of medical-grade silicone solutions is specially designed for the most sensitive life-enhancing processes.

Printing Solutions

Silicon Seals & Tubing

Breathing hoses and pharmaceutical hoses

Growing with sustainable solutions.

As natural resources become increasingly scarce, the world’s appetite for them still keeps growing. We develop innovations that have a positive impact on society, while helping our customers save energy, reduce emissions and improve efficiency. We call this our Blue Dimension.

Agricultural & Forestry Equipment

Using less fuel and reducing CO₂ emissions while increasing crop yields. Thanks to the ingenious design of Trelleborg’s TM Blue tire concept, it’s possible for farmers to conserve natural resources while harvesting more.

Agricultural Tires

Industrial Antivibration Solutions

Spraying hose and green house hoses

Processing Industry

Seven billion people and growing. The world’s ever-increasing population puts the food industry under intense pressure. Trelleborg’s solutions help make food production safe, sustainable and efficient.

Food Hoses

Chemical Hoses


Printing Solutions

Fast-paced, varied and demanding. That’s the food packaging industry. In this competitive market, the need for reliable, sustainable, safe and long lasting solutions is huge. We’re committed to providing them.

Printing Blankets and Solutions

Technical Rollers for Thermal Printing

Screen printing squeegee Blades

Connecting with our customers.

The closer we work together, the better the results. Teaming up with customers is key for us. That’s why our channels of communication are always open. By being accessible and ready to act, Trelleborg simplifies the work of their customers, helps them meet deadlines and do business better.

Civil Engineering Seals

Six kilometers long. 40 meters below the surface. The Hong Kong–Zhuai–Macau link is the world’s longest tunnel. Trelleborg seals are used because they ensure water-tightness, even in case of an earthquake.

Immersed Tunnels

Bored Tunnels

Water Management Solutions

Transportation Equipment

Every day, millions of people and tons of goods are transported by train. To keep things rolling smoothly, the world’s railway manufacturers and operators rely on Trelleborg polymer solutions.

Industrial Antivibration Solutions

Sealing Profiles

Truck components

Automotive Components

Brake pads that squeal are annoying. Leading car manufacturers rely on Trelleborg’s innovative brake shims to silence the problem. Our seals and boots quietly contribute to car comfort and safety.

Brake Shims



Curiosity drives innovation.

Our curious nature and ambition to evolve have always been driving forces at Trelleborg. They have led us to many new discoveries and innovative solutions, making it possible for our customers to go where no others have gone before.

Drilling & Intervention

As the search for oil and gas requires us to search in deeper and deeper waters, the need for lighter, stronger and more reliable solutions continues to increase. Our seals and syntactic foam products are up to the task.

Drill Riser

ROV and Ultra Deep Water Buoyancy

Sub-Surface Equipment Seals

Subsea Umbilical, Riser & Flowline

The challenging environment of subsea operations demand effective and safe applications. Our products provide solutions to maximise well production and performance of Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines

Distributed Buyoancy Modules

Bend Protection

Vortex Induced Vibration

Subsea Equipment

The hot oil/gas composition flows up at the wellhead and is transported through various critical instruments before the riser brings the oil to the surface. Insulation and sealing solutions are necessary to ensure optimal flow and performance.

Impact and Mechanical Protection


Thermal Insulation

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